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Transportdeal is a fast-growing logistic company that offers first-class support with a focus on creativity, knowledge, accessibility and market-attractive prices.

As one of the few Swedish freight forwarders we offer instant spot prices and online booking for sea, land, train and air shipping for instant quotes and bookings.

We always do our utmost to reduce administration and local hassle related to booked transports with us.

Our way of working:

Innovative – Open and creative to customer and employee solutions.
Transparent Communication and Collaboration. We communicate openly.
Focus on good relations with partners.
Vetted and large network of agents.
Premium support that exceeds customers expectations.

Global presence - Nordic reliability

Transportdeal has since 2020 handled medical equipment from Asia to Europe and the USA with high demands on delivery time and price regardless of the situation on the ground. We have delivered tens of millions of medical equipment during a very tough and intensive period.

Through in-house experience and recruitments, we have gathered a lot of expertise and a large established thoroughly vetted international network of agents that we have handpicked and worked with for a long, stressful and intensive period.

We pride ourselves with the reviews we receive from our customers. 

Our Experience