Transportdeal AB is a young ambitious company. We want to fill the gap that unfortunately exists in this industry in terms of service level, availability, innovation, and meet the customer's current needs instead of directing the customer to existing solutions. We work for our customers, if it does not fit our solution, we will find another solution that fits.

Many of our customers often say that they like that we think outside the box.

If you ask us, a high level of service, availability, innovation, and meeting the customer's current challenges should be the norm. Right?

Today, there is a lack of genuinely good and transparent relations between freight forwarders and their customers. We believe in long-term relationships and therefore work closely with our customers with lower margins but always with recurring assignments. Big and small.

We believe that one does not need to work hard on new customers if you take really good care of your existing ones


“During a very challenging time during the Pandemic, we are happy with the support and knowledge Transportdeal have provided us in terms of getting our goods from China. We had numerous issues with our supplier, which resulted in cancelled pick up, cancelled freights, change of destinations and other problems. Transportdeal was always there to support us and provide us with very competitive rates. We can recommend them as a good partner to work with.”

Steve Brogan, CEO, Ooberstock Limited ( )

"I have been in contact with Transportdeal for imports from China. They where available and helpful during the day, evenings, weekends, and in the middle of the holidays. There are very few who offer this commitment, which is valuable when you need it the most!”

Tomas Nilsson, Purchase manager, Mec Gruppen AB ( )

“Transportdeal helped us deliver urgent deliveries that would often be picked up and delivered the same day during the first Covid-19 wave. We are very satisfied with the help we have received throughout the period with both price and service.”

Jessica Lindersson, Logistic coordinator, Frost Pharma AB ( )

“Transportdeal is an esteemed logistics partner for us. They find solutions and alternatives that give us security in getting goods quickly, cheaply and above all safely. With a top-class customer service where fast and clear communication has helped us grow tremendously."

Patrick Bern, VP, Mooni ( )