Rail Freight Solutions From Asia to Scandinavia and Europe to Scandinavia

Why pay for airfreight when you can pay less than half the price and get your goods within 14 days?
Our rail solution goes from Xiamen to Hamburg in 11 days. We deliver with our own trucks directly from Hamburg to all of Europe and Scandinavia. T/T 1-3 days to Scandinavia.


Rail from Xiamen, China to Hamburg. T/T 11 days + delivery 2-4 days from Hamburg to DK, SE, NO, FI

  • Traditional rail freight
  • LCL and FCL
  • Multiple price ranges depend on your needs and demands.
  • Intermodal shipping (Train + truck)
  • Reliable, friendly and competent help that is always available
  • We take care of all the administration and contacts locally in the country of departure.
  • On ground expertise
  • Door to door prices and schedules online via rates.mytransportdeal.com
Rail freight from Asia to Europe